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Our goal is to shine the light on darkness in order to heal the Earth and Astral Realms one soul at a time


Mental disorders are frequently the symptom of earthbound spirit attachment. Persons that have died and declined to move over to the spirit realms become lost souls housed in the astral realms surrounding the earth. Many lost souls then will attach themselves to a traumatized live person's body. They then share the body, intellect, dreams, and emotions of the live person causing personality confusion and dysfunction. This is often diagnosed as Multiple Personalities Disorder. I assist people, including children and animals, to remove lost soul spirit attachments, possessions and haunting of homes.

Haunting, Entity Attachment, Implants and Demonic Possession

Diagnostic Reading purchase: See our Services Offered page.


Diagnosis is performed remotely and reported via email. This is a DIAGNOSIS AND RECOMMENDED TREATMENT (not a healing treatment). The entity name and

reason for the attachment, haunting or implants are disclosed along with

treatment options.


It is for the highest good for clients to become self-empowered by educating

themselves with our two books: 1) Entity Removal - Self-Help Procedure – The

 ABC of Releasing Spirit Attachments for Do It Yourselfers and 2) Angels are

 Speaking to You - How can you tell? Connecting to Divine Guidance with

 Pendulum and Protection. Both books are co-authored by Medium Rise' Harrington and Ascended Master Bryan Jameison – Dorgeck. This book describes the different scenarios and conditions in which a person draws lost soul entities to attach to

them through the Law of Attraction. It teaches you how to deal with this by

providing self-help instruction for removal of the entity and suggestions for trauma healing assistance.

The second book teaches you how to work with the Angels and raise your

vibrations to move you well beyond vulnerability to the darkness

 (lower astral realms) and lost souls.


1) Entity Removal - Self-Help Procedure - The ABC of Releasing Spirit Attachments

 for Do It Yourselfers – Soul Freedom Series Vol 3




2) Angels are Speaking to You - How can you tell? Connecting to Divine Guidance

with Pendulum and Protection - Guide Lights Series Vol 1 


Financial hardship? Write to Rise' for consideration.




                      Angels and Spirit Guide Reading

                                      Readings are via e-mail $25

We each have a Guardian Angel and a Life Purpose Angel. Our Guardian Angel's

are with us for eternity and our Purpose Angel's are with us for our lifetime

on earth to help us fulfill our soul's purpose. In addition to the 2 Angels we

are assigned at least one Spirit Guide. So we all have access to at least 3

beings of guidance all of the time. See Services Offered Page to purchase reading.


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Medium and Author Rise’ (Resa) Harrington has developed universally shared spiritual teachings from her own life experiences. This includes the uphill climb with birth and trauma entity attachments, identity confusion, childhood sexual molestation and multiple Demonic possession attempts. Her material is expanded by the shared experiences with thousands of people in her readership and Mediumship practice.


Rise's life challenges, spiritual studies and Angel guidance have enabled her to develop her own successful healing processes that culminated in the publication of her first book Spiritual Self Mastery – Lessons on the Road to Ascension. This book documents the path that Rise' developed in the resolution of her entity attachments as she rose from the darkness into the light, growing vibrationally through the years beyond reach of the dark and Demonic factors. This makes her an effective mentor and healer for people at all levels to raise themselves vibrationally in the same manner and begin to evolve into their highest expressions of soul self.


Rise' received higher metaphysical instruction and guidance from her Angels, Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters. She has since become merged with her soul group of 11 other members and is now an earth-based member of this higher dimensional soul group called Evian. Soul mate Dorgeck co-authors her books as Bryan Jameison, his original incarnation name.


Rise' has practiced mediumship focused on assisting the Lost Soul population in the Astral realms since 1999. She went public in her Mediumship Practice in 2013 offering Diagnostic Readings for Lost Soul Entity Haunting, Attachment and Demonic Possession with recommended treatments. She also offers Spiritual Mentoring from her Facebook groups Mediums Are Empaths Empowered and Spiritual Self-Mastery. Rise' provides Angel and Spirit Guide readings from her website All links listed below.


Rise’s spiritual life path has been greatly influenced by her 20 years of mostly career related world travels to the Far East, Europe and Egypt. Rise’ is a certified Medium and a Minister of the Universal Life Church. She has been channeling St Germain privately for more than15 years and most recently has begun publicly channeling his higher self Spirit name Idahohl-Adameus.


She was raised in Los Gatos, California and now resides in San Diego County California.







Facebook Group:  Mediums Are Empaths Empowered

Facebook Group: Spiritual Self Mastery – Lessons on the Road to Ascension


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Idahohl - Adameus - Saint Germain


Facebook Page: Soul Freedom -Healing From Earthbound Spirit Attachment

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Two earthbound spirits have been haunting  a house in Hungary for decades. In this live demonstration both souls learn of the tremendous opportunities that are offered in the spirit realms and are convinced to cross over. The home is now free to be moved into by new owners. Happy ending for all.

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