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Over many years Rise' has merged with a collective of 11 Spirit Beings from the Divine Orders in the Soul Freedom cause. This cause is housed under the umbrella of the Guide Lights website and Soul Freedom Facebook pages. The body of work is documented in the Soul Freedom - Exposing Darkness series of books.

Guiding Lights: Merkabah - Vehicle of Light
Chapter 12 Excerpt :

One day in 1986 I went to the country to visit a friend I called Gramps. Gramps was a former neighbor and adopted grandfather, and I loved him dearly. Gramps and I would share a beer outside and talk at length, mostly about fond memories of the restaurant he had owned and about his many escapades. On this day, the wind was blustery and the clouds were performing beautifully. I felt suddenly inspired to stand up and point my camera at the sky, completely overtaken by a crazy impulse to snap picture after picture.

Two weeks later, I discovered the reason for that impulse. As I looked through the developed photographs, I noticed a strange geometric-shaped light in more than one of them. In fact, it was in several pictures, always in the same area of the sky. I was curious, and also cautious. This pink pentagon shape could have been a light reflection or technological anomaly. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Spreading the pictures out on the kitchen table in sequence, I noticed that in several photos, the shape seemed to be moving slowly behind a cloud – much as in a slow-motion sequence of movie frames – until it nearly disappeared behind it.

This was incredible. Wow! I thought, what on earth do I do with this?! I went to my spiritually adept mother, of course. Her reaction was mild by comparison to mine, but she was intrigued. She thought her friend Lavona, in northern California, might be able to shed some light on this apparition. When Mom explained to her what it looked like, Lavona said, “That sounds like the Merkabah. James Hurtak discusses the Merkabah at length in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch®.” Mom had this book in her library, and the following excerpt explained to us the purpose of Merkabah:

Excerpt from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch,® chapter 3-0-1, Para 1 and 2:

1 “The souls who have reached the greatest levels of awareness and attunement with the Father are able to extend themselves through many dimensions of light in service to the many realms of specie intelligence desiring to know the meaning and direction of life.”

2 “This extension throughout the various dimensional realms of intelligences is done by Merkabah.”

The “souls” referred to in this key are those of our Ascended Masters. Of course, you and I are the specie intelligence desiring to know the meaning and direction in life.

Plate 16 on the facing page of Dr Hurtak’s book is an illustration showing the human form inside a five-pointed star enclosed in the geometric shape of the pentagon.

Please access my website for color photographs of the Merkabahs http://guidelights.org.

The Merkabah images from my photographs feature leading and trailing spheres. My understanding is that this indicates a group of Ascended Masters.

There will be skeptics who will doubt these pictures and my claim. I’m all right with that. My objective is to show readers what Merkabahs look like so you’ll know what it is you’re seeing if or when a Merkabah light vehicle visits you. Once a thing is made known, it isn’t so easily dismissed as a “figment of imagination.”

I see pictures of Merkabahs infrequently captured on TV, in films and in magazines, usually in beautiful nature scenes, and I always suspect that the person taking the pictures is in tune with Spirit and that his/her Ascended Master inspired the day’s photo shoot. The lights will be in my life forever now, and with this sharing they’ll be seen by so many more of my brothers and sisters around the world. Word of mouth and the Internet will ensure that the Merkabah and spheres of light will be known worldwide.

Your spirit guides and the Ascended Masters are already with you. If the idea pleases you, simply request that you be enabled to see the presence of their light bodies. I first found them skyward, and now they appear to me everywhere. You may find them in a dream, in a garden or in the bathroom mirror. I would like to believe that all of us who open to the possibility will be blessed with visitations by Merkabahs and/or light spheres, the ethereal presence of our guiding lights.




Rise' has practiced mediumship with the focus on understanding and assisting the Lost Soul population in the astral realms since 1999. She went public in her Mediumship Practice in 2013 offering Diagnostic Readings for Lost Soul Entity and Demonic Hauntings, Attachment and Possession with recommended treatment. She also offers Angel and Spirit Guide readings.

Rise’s spiritual life path has been greatly influenced by her 20 years of mostly career related world travels to the Far East, Europe and Egypt. Rise’ is a certified Medium at Angel University and a Minister of the Universal Life Church. She was raised in Los Gatos, California and now resides in San Diego County California. http://guidelights.org

She has been channeling Adameus (St Germain) privately for more than15 years and most recently has begun publicly channeling his higher self Spirit name Adameus.

Contact: riseguidelights@gmail.com

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