Angel & Spirit Guide Testimonials

Spirit readings are offered for those who need guidance in an area of their lives. Rise' (Reese) receives telepathic messages from your Guardian Angel, Incarnate Angel or Spirit Guide and journals the responses to your questions. Messages from Spirit are  always positive, loving and enlightening.

Guardian Angel and Incarnation Angel Description

We each have a Guardian Angel and an Incarnation Purpose Angel. Our Guardian Angel's are with us for eternity and our Incarnation Angel's are with us for our earth lifetime to help us fulfill our soul's purpose. In addition to the 2 angels we are assigned at least one spirit guide. So we all have access to 3 beings of guidance at all times. (Spirit guides can and do change throughout our lives).








Devika Byroo Rajdhew Namaste Rise', I would like to thank you very much for my reading. I'm the female in the picture. Was truly blessed with the information I received at the right time. Ur reading was so true and it affirms me that I am on the right I would suggest anyone out there who wants to start this journey with their Angels and Spirit guide should be open to receiving. It is beautiful. I thank you on the info for the pendulum, which I got and did not know how to use. I am so blessed u send the info at the right time. Thanks again so much. Lotsa luv, light and blessings to u.

Molly received 2 Angel Readings regarding herself and her son in 2012. Four years later she sent this follow up letter:

Hello, I am writing you to tell you about changes in my life. In June 2014 I decided to accept proposition from my friend to work in hospital as a psychologist. And I decided to quit a flight attendant job. It was very risky for me, but I wanted to try. So- since September 2014 I've been working in onkology hospital as psychologist. It is very big change in my life. I've been runnig my private practice as well; it's only a few patients weekly, but- I can feel, that everything is going in right direction (smile emoticon). And the most important: my son is better- at school, in his relationships. He repeats many times that he is happy when I'm around, not at other side of the globe. And I am happy too- I am happy that I can be around when he needs me. And - I am happy that my life is changed the way I liked. I decided to write to you about it, becouse you were the one I was asking about what to do many times. Thank you for your support than. (heart emoticon) And I hope we will be in touch. And I hope that everything in your life is good.

Molly 2016 Poland

Angels and Spirit Guides are ever present, moving through the atmosphere of our world and

 our consciousness, waiting for the moment when we finally take notice.

It seems our angels and spirit guides often speak metaphorically and mysteriously to peak our interest and stir us to stretch our imaginations and wonderings. It also helps exercise our intuitive muscles!.