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Possession - Purpose, Symptoms and Exorcism

Soul Freedom Vol 2

The purpose of this book is to offer the public an introductory education on what a Demon is and the occurrence of Demonic Spirit attachment and possession that afflicts much of humanity. It is being published in article format as part of a series of book articles on how the dark forces infiltrate the astral realms to control and manipulate humanity upon the earth. The series is intended to offer the public easy access to an education on the specific subjects that interests or troubles them.

Important Note: In order to grasp the concepts discussed in this book readers will benefit by having read the first book in this series Soul Freedom Vol 1 Healing from Earthbound Spirit Attachment and Haunting or be an advanced student of metaphysics. A glossary is included towards the end of the booklet to assist novices.


Part One - Demon – What is it? - Questions and Answers - Causes and Purpose

Part Two - Possession and ExorcismDiscussion of Processes and Treatment



Note to reader: This material is intended as an informational guide. The remedies, approaches and techniques described herein are meant to supplement, and not to be a substitute for, professional medical/psychological care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.

*This booklet is a live document and may be periodically updated and revised by this author.

Part One

Demon – What is it?

If we are to understand a Demon we need to understand what and how their controlling forces manifest on the earth. We can look, if only briefly, to what is called the Illuminati; often touted as a 'conspiracy theory' concept. Many conspiracy theory groups exist to promote information exposing the dark forces that have suppressed humanity for millions of years.

My individual guidance and training is guided under the authority of Adameus (a.k.a. St. Germain) of the Ascended Masters. From this point forward I will refer to Ascended Master Guides as AMG.

AMGs have confirmed much of these theories, certainly the core truth that runs through them all which is; there are Fallen Angels with an agenda to overthrow the Light efforts of our spiritual hierarchy and keep humanity in the darkness as much as possible. The purpose of this is to serve the greed of those in power so they may grow richer, more self-indulgent and rule with ever greater power.

The Demon forces are behind those in the greatest power on earth. My guidance has led me to understand that the governments and financial organizations in all of the major developed countries including the US and the Roman Catholic Church are affected by the influence of Demonic forces. I do not believe all of these leaders are evil but that they have been afflicted with the Demonic influences despite their individual wills simply because of the positions they hold of great power and influence .

 It is not the author's purpose to expose specific details of the Illuminati leaders and organizations but only to include them in general terms in this discussion so that readers can explore further if desired. Information on the Illuminati may be found by typing the word into the Internet search engines. I personally have been guided to pay attention to David Icke and an organization called the Galactic Connection at Of course, these are alternative news sources and should be treated accordingly with our own common sense judgment and inner guidance. *As a gentle warning, particularly sensitive people will not want to delve too deeply into this area of research.


I have asked AMG Othello to clarify the issue of Demons.

Othello: "We will speak of your demons because it is your understanding that they are, indeed, human. It is the conceptualization of the human mind that would be Demonizing and Demonic, indeed."

"You have learned that the Fallen Angels were at the start of the Demon inception. It is their omnipresence and magical abilities indeed that were distorted and this enabled them to be brilliantly evil once they turned" (away from God). "And it was only their greed for power, to be omnipresent, to be the ONE with the power that they took this from our Source/God and distorted it so greatly that they became very, very ugly. And it is a mystery to many how such genius can be within a Demon mind and ability. It is to know beloved that these are the Fallen Angels that have become so very mighty and this is what gives them such genius of evil, indeed."

Evolutionary Process of the Human Soul

To understand the nature of a Demon it is helpful to begin with the human soul's evolutionary process as explained to me by the AMG teachings. At our soul's inception we are each incarnated to a material world, such as earth, to evolve spiritually. We reincarnate over lifetimes until we achieve Self Mastery (aka Ascended Master). Reaching Ascended Mastery may take hundreds of years or more. Christhood follows Ascended Mastery automatically and fairly quickly. When human souls achieve Ascended Mastery/Christhood they no longer need to reincarnate and are automatically assigned to the Angelhood Order for training and eventual graduation as 1 of 9 types of Angels accurately described by the Catholic Church. So, Angels also began as humans in the evolutionary cycle. When Angels fall from Grace (turn away from God and God's will) they become very dark and are then termed Demons. So, a Demon is an Angel that fell from grace by turning away from loving service to Source/God. They are then relegated to the darkest level of the spirit realm.

Note: it is possible for a human soul to evolve into an Angel without becoming an Ascended Master first but it is unusual.

The Perspective of the Catholic Church Concerning Demons

 Q & A:

Most of the references to the opinions of the Catholic Church are selectively paraphrased from Fr José Antonio Fortea's writings in his book titled Interview with an Exorcist. The Ascended Masters who guide me on the subject of Demons and the afterlife soul condition consider José Antonio Fortea's views on this subject to mirror the general opinion of the Catholic Church.

What is a Demon?

Catholic Church: A Demon is a Fallen Angel that has been condemned for all of time, by God, to a mental, emotional and spiritual state of hell or purgatory.

Rise': Condemnation is not of love and therefore is not in God's expression. God would not and has never condemned anything or anyone. God is all forgiving and allows all hearts to return to Him/Her whenever they choose to do so regardless of real or perceived sins of the past. This is what I have been taught to counsel the demons that I release from humans. It works very effectively to raise the vibrations of a Demon to a higher level in the spirit realms where they can begin their healing towards becoming beings of ultimate light again (Angels).

I counseled Demon Gregorio this week. He was feeling repentant and willing to return to light but felt sure that he would not be forgiven. As he was reminded of God's ever loving compassion and forgiveness his light volume increased in brilliance and he eagerly rose to a higher level of light crossing back over to the Spirit realm. The radiant beings that do this healing work with me as I speak to Demons are wonderful cheerleaders to encourage this vibrational upliftment in Demons. I would be ineffective in this work without them.

Can a Demon cause a mental illness in a person?

Catholic Church: (In brief) "Yes."

Rise': The Catholic Church and I agree that Demons can and do cause mental illness. I will expand on this from my mediumship training, research and experience with clients. Note: The following statements that I claim to be spiritual truth are solely my own as learned from the AMG teachings.

Demon's can cause disturbance to a human being through full possession or attachment. It is the Dark Forces, (Fallen Angels) in the universe that perpetuate and orchestrate this activity to inhibit the Forces of Light from expanding on the earth.

Full possession occurs only during the birth process through a Demon attaching itself in the womb. These pre-birth possessions are effective attempts to prevent humans designated to be Shamans from growing into their full light powers. Demon possession causes a child to be born with many mental illnesses, most commonly: Autism, Asperger's and Downs Syndromes. I believe this can be healed through exorcism and have witnessed this myself through one client so far. The healing was not immediate but was witnessed by his family over weeks and months. See Testimonial Page of our website: Letters from Rhonda S and Mike S.

Demon attachments can occur at any time in a person's life after birth. The most predominant targets for Demon attachment are Light Workers that have a very powerful soul purpose to heal the planet of spiritual ignorance and darkness. Demonic attachment causes great traumatic disruption within a person's mind, body and spirit. This can cause mental disturbances such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sleeplessness, and psychiatric diagnoses of Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia (seeing and hearing destructive visions and voices), Psychosis and suicidal depression. Demon attachments can also cause physical illnesses such as cancer.

What are the causes of Demon possession?

Catholic Church: "The chief causes of possession are:

1 - Making a pact with the Devil.

2 - Taking part in esoteric or satanic cult rituals.

3 - Offering one's child to Satan.

4 - Being the victim of a spell."

Rise' and AMG:

1 - Anyone that invites darkness into their life gives their power away or unites it with darkness might surely invite invasion of a Demon attachment.


2 - If we dabble in the esoteric or spiritual realms without protection and an invitation to speak only with Divine Beings of Light we are exposing ourselves to serious danger. We might accidentally invite creepy energies to join us or be susceptible to hauntings as well as dark soul entity and/or Demon attachment. I cover this subject and offer it (free) in chapter 3) Protection and Divination of my book Soul Freedom Vol 2 Guide LightsAttune To Your Angels and Spirit Guides and Begin to Heal Your Life. Find this chapter sequentially by typing 'book' into the search box of the blog:


3 – The AMG agrees that offering one's child to Satan will cause the child to be Demon possessed if it is still in the womb. If the child is already born when the offering to Satan is made it will only receive a Demon attachment which is also a terrible affliction.

 4 - A witchcraft spell/curse can only be effective if the targeted human believes in the effectiveness of spells. A dark witch can summon a Demon but cannot force the possession of a soul whose belief system and personal light vibration does not allow for this. This is based on the universal Law of Attraction which runs the universe. Only a person that believes in spells and is very fearful will enable a Demon attachment in this circumstance. We should embrace courage in place of fear and place our belief in God's Angels to protect us from darkness.

5 - There is another circumstance of Demonic attack that was not mentioned in Fr José Antonio Fortea's book Interview with an Exorcist. This is the most common circumstance of Demon possession. Humans born with contracted soul purposes to be powerful Light Bearers and Shamans are most likely to provoke Demon attack. These souls agree to life contracts prior to birth with the awareness of what lies ahead for them as obstacles to be overcome. This includes the forewarning that there is a high probability there will be a conflict with the Demonic forces. This conflict will attempt to drive the contracted soul to insanity and suicide to prohibit the light of love from growing on the earth.

Demon possessions and attachments for these contracted souls occur as exceptions to the universal law of karma LOK and law of attraction LOA. Since we contract these agreements with the Spiritual Hierarchy prior to being born we may view these occurrences of Demon possession and attachment to be in Divine Order.

It is pointed out to me as I write this that fulfillment of these extraordinary life purposes may lift us up above the human laws of aging and disease into life in the presence of Divine Grace. So the rewards are great for fulfilling these *unique* life contracts.

Please note that one individual on earth is not more special or better than another but there are circumstances of souls that are ready for unique or special assignments. It is a matter of individual spiritual growth and readiness. Of course, God/Goddess loves us all equally.


Symptoms of Demon Attachment (Aka Possession)

As we've already presented, full Demon possessions only happen at pre-birth and causes serious mental illness. The below list of symptoms only describes Demonic Attachments:


Bites and scratches from an unseen source.

Violent telekinetic movement and breakage of objects (dishes, furniture etc.)

Sexual interference and/or attack to groin area.


Speaking foreign languages that have not been studied

Feelings of darkness or creepiness, misery, desolation, etc.

Feeling like being a witness to your life.

Seeing freakish or evil visions.

Strange voices speaking to you abusively; lying and threatening.

Long-term depression and suicidal thoughts.

Losing blocks of present time awareness and memory.


Note: Some of these symptoms are not necessarily specific to Demon attachment and might also be common to dark soul entity attachments. The last six symptoms on this list; memory loss, hearing voices, seeing visions, hearing voices, feeling misery and depression are especially common to both kinds of soul attachments.

What a Demon Is Not

A Demon can shape shift into seeming lovely energy beings such as fairies, beautiful animals, popular figures, etc. in attempts to trap humans. However, a Demon will always feel dark, untrustworthy and ugly. Humans should always follow their instinctive feelings if there is any question about the authenticity of what is occurring in our waking or dreaming awareness.

End Excerpt