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Entity Removal - Self-Help Procedure

 The ABC of Releasing Spirit Attachments for Do It Yourselfers

by Rise’ (Reese) Harrington

What Causes Souls to Become Lost Earthbound Spirits?


Cause of the Earthbound Condition:


At the death of a human the normal transition is for an individual soul to move into the spirit realms. Loved ones that have passed before us show up at our time of death to escort us upward into the light. Angels and Spirit Guides are also present to assist us in this process. For most humans this transition goes smoothly but for many it does not. There are literally billions of earthbound (lost) souls surrounding the earth in the limbo of the astral realms.


The astral realm can be described as an atmospheric environment surrounding the three-dimensional world on earth. It was created to house the souls/spirits that became lost or stuck in the death transition to the spirit realms. Souls dwelling in the astral realms often think they are on the earth and don't understand why they can't be seen or heard except by very sensitive or mediumistic people.


There are varying reasons why some souls get lost after the death of their physical body and we'll discuss the ones that are the most prevalent. Below are the common circumstances that cause souls to stay in the astral realm rather than cross over to the spirit realms.


Sudden death will cause a person to be very confused, lost and disoriented. Often people will not understand that they are dead and they may wander around in a confused state until something or someone clarifies their condition.


Fear of punishment and judgment from God or the Angels will cause people to stay attached to the earth where they feel safe. Fear is the number one cause of the earthbound spirit condition.


Revenge will hold some deceased souls to the earth because they are strongly motivated to settle scores.


Love - The need to protect and help guide the loved ones left behind keeps many people stuck on earth. These souls don’t understand that they can offer much more powerful love and guidance from the spirit realms as they evolve.

Effect of the Earthbound Condition:


No Gravity - Without a body the soul is unaffected by the law of gravity. The soul is literally afloat between worlds. The lack of gravity causes people to feel ungrounded and uncomfortable. There is disorientation and a need for comfort. We can use the analogy of a person that is out of balance and must hold onto a cane or other walking tool in order to feel comfortable moving upon the earth. The Ascended Master Saint Germain calls the space between earth and the spirit realms “no man’s land”.

Result of the Earthbound Condition:


There are two basic categories of earthbound spirits; independent and dependent.



1) Independent lost soul (unattached)


These souls may haunt houses, stay physically close to their loved ones, gravitate to bars to hang out with alcoholics and smokers or wander endlessly, to name a few. The independent souls that are following addictions may eventually become attached and therefore be dependent on an individual .There are so many varying activities and attractions for souls in the independent category that we have only mentioned a few examples.

Common Disturbances Caused by Independent Lost Souls


There are many different indications of lost soul interference. A child may complain that his/her toys are being moved across the floor all by themselves. An intruding lost soul may knock things off surfaces onto the floor. I walked into the kitchen one night and witnessed a bottle of catsup, on the other side of the room, literally leap off the top of the cupboard and fall to the floor. At times things may be moved about a house and will appear in a different location.


Mysterious rattling, knocking and scraping are signs meant to disturb and frighten the occupants of a home or public building. Shapes and shadows may be seen moving about rooms, disappearing quickly. Screaming and/or talking in the distance within abandon places are signs of lost souls in the vicinity. This latter can also be an example of paranormal trapped energy from an incident in the past. Trapped energy is another aspect of this subject of less significance and will not be covered in this booklet.


Inexplicable emotions such as uneasiness, fear, dread and sadness can represent the presence of a lost soul. (There will be exceptions to this as an empathic person may also pick up these emotions from a living loved one). Cold spots and drafts also indicate a lost soul's presence.

2) Dependent lost soul (attached)


A dependent soul occupies (attaches to) a human body that is not their own. The lost soul enters into a human through the medulla oblongata, the soft cavity located at the back and base of the body's scull. This particular human will only be targeted because of a similar vibration of the addiction or emotional imbalance in the lost soul. This usually isn’t intentional. They are just drawn to the familiar vibration based on the Law of Attraction (LOA) that runs through all things in life. The LOA is a universal tool for spiritual growth and it causes a gravitational pull to the grounded human of similar evolvement. It is important to understand that it is not with evil intent that 99% of these attachments occur. It is just a natural process in an unnatural circumstance. (It is unnatural for a soul not to cross over to the spirit realms at death).


 We will give an example of the Law of Attraction as it works on the earth without lost soul interference. We can all think of an example of a relative, friend or coworker who repeatedly attracts the same relationship problem with the opposite sex. She's always a needy drama queen or he's always an abusive person. As the years go by the same relationship problems are created over and over again. We will hear him/her cry repeatedly "Why does this always happen to me?" And we may whisper behind their backs, "When is he/she ever going to learn?" Without exception, relationship problems are always about growth. If we refuse to address our growth needs we will stay stuck in place repeating the same scenario endlessly.


The LOA draws the lost soul to a human with similar unhealed emotions or addictions. The purpose of the LOA is to heal the unhealed emotion or addiction. The lost soul will cause the unhealed circumstance to be exacerbated so that eventually the circumstance can come to a boil and be healed. Desperate now, the human finally seeks help from a professional doctor, psychologist or medium.


Much of the time the human is unaware that they have company within their energy body. In fact, a lost soul shares the physical body, intellect, emotions and spirit body of the human that they are attached to. This will affect ones thoughts, dreams, emotions and memories. Often times this occupation is transparent to the human and other times it is perplexing or disturbing. Imagine remembering dreams or lifetimes that are not your own.


I had three attachments most of my life and one of those was a woman that had five attachments of her own. This means I had eight souls attached to me. One night I had a stream of dreams come into my awareness. They were somewhat familiar to me but I knew they were not my dreams. I was very confused and decided to put this dilemma away in a file drawer for the future. It was several years later, when I learned I had attachments, that so many perplexing issues in my life finally made sense. Of course, the stream of dreams were not my own.


At the time I discovered my attachments I had a very strong connection with my Spirit Guides and Angels. This enabled me to figure out intuitively how to release the attachments from my body and aura. I began to research Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) and studied the works of authors on the subject of lost soul attachments as was understood by the psychologists in the treatment of their clients. With the assistance of my spirit guides I was able to develop a procedure which would help others to understand this subject and to release attached souls from themselves and others.


Approximately 33% of humanity is susceptible to earthbound spirit (EBS) attachments according to my spirit guidance. This number might equal several billion of our world's population. Those of us that are sensitive have soft auras that are the most susceptible to attachment. Non-sensitive people are far less likely to attract attachments.


In addition, all people are susceptible to attachment when their energy body is weakened by: drugs, alcohol, very negative thought patterns and behaviors, depression, sickness and mental illness. People in comas or that are undergoing surgery with anesthesia are also susceptible to EBS attachment.


Another form of attachment is demon possession that normally happens in the womb prior to birth. This subject is too complex to discuss in this article but will be elaborated on in the book version of this title. Also in the book we will discuss; family/ancestor, animal and partial attachments.


Attachment attempts often occur at night when we’re asleep. This feels like an abrupt invasion of energy that will always awaken the person assaulted unless they are too intoxicated, drugged, seriously ill or unconscious. Those that can awaken will succeed in resisting full attachment with some exceptions of very young children. *Help protect your children by asking the angels to protect their auras from invasion by lost souls daily.


A person may feel immediate changes at the onset of an attachment like sudden depression, lack of energy, negativity or anger for no apparent reason. This may follow a visit to a theater, bar, hospital or graveyard to name a few popular hangouts of lost souls. A human with an attachment may not feel like themselves, they may suddenly feel unusual physical symptoms, and may even take on the chronic ailments and diseases of the lost soul.

Common Symptoms of spirit attachment:

Unexplainable feelings of guilt

Feelings of darkness or creepiness, eeriness, etc.

Sexual interference and/or attack to groin area

Feeling like being a witness to your life.

Feeling depleted of energy
Suffering unusual mood swings

Uncharacteristic and impulsive behaviors

Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness or emotion
Hearing inner voices
A feeling that ‘this isn’t me’
Wondering if it was you that said that
Worsening of addictions
Poor memory, concentration or confusion
Anxiety or depression without apparent reason?
Unexplained physical problems or pain with no obvious cause?

Medically unexplainable physical problems
Unexplainable fears, phobias or panic attacks
Unusual or dramatic weight loss or weight gain

Headaches or migraines

Stiffness of neck and shoulders
Suicidal and dark thoughts

The more negative our unhealed emotions are, the more vulnerable we will be to the attachment’s negative impact upon us. The presence of the attachment fuels the fire of our unhealed emotions and brings us emotionally closer to breaking point. This can have real negative affects in our human relationships and often causes us to finally seek psychological or spiritual help, as mentioned earlier.


Some of us live most of our lives without knowing we have EBS attachments. The woman who occupied me since age 5 was melancholy. As a young adult growing into self-awareness, I’d ask myself why I felt this way and ended up shrugging it off. Psychological self-help books did not point the way. That is why I am writing this article as a precursor to my next book on this subject. I want others to know how to help themselves by using the self-therapeutic healing/spirit release process offered here or by enlisting my assistance to release and cross over EBS attachments.


In extreme cases (apprx 1%) an attachment is actually a full possession. These cases are rare and will not be elaborated on further in this article. If possession or the presence of a violent entity is indicated in your circumstance please refer to the Author Note at the end of this article. Do not attempt to treat this yourself!


SELF CHECK TEST: If you have been attracted to this article it is your spirit guides and angels that have brought you here. It is very likely that you or a loved one have an EBS attachment or a haunting of your home.

 Please use a pendulum to confirm with your angels and/or spirit guides whether or not you have an EBS attachment or haunting intruder. Refer to Blog Chapter 3 Protection and Divination for directions on the use of Protection and Pendulums. Blog: http://guidelights7.com or read excerpts below:






Three methods of protection are highly effective. I recommend using all of them simultaneously to give you the assurance you need to proceed confidently and safely. Before attempting communications with Spirit for guidance, divination or meditation, do the following:


 First: Ask Archangel Michael for protection. No special procedure is needed. Your requests will always be heard.


Second: Visualize your body surrounded by white light. An effective image is an elongated white eggshell surrounding your body. Use whatever imagery feels right to you as long as the image is white.


Last: State silently or aloud that you intend to interface only with Divine beings of Spirit.


Don’t let the simplicity of these methods fool you. They are completely effective!




Using the Pendulum


Pendulums are tools of divination (intuitive perception). They are an effective method to receive yes and no answers from Spirit to gain clarity on an intuitive feeling or to confirm a direction of thought or action. A pendulum can be as simple as a ring or button tied to a piece of string or a precious stone or crystal affixed to the end of a chain. The most effective quick pendulum is a necklace chain with a ring or amulet in the center.


Orientation exercise:


1) Protection: Ask the angels for protection, visualize yourself surrounded by white light, and state that you intend to interface only with Divine beings of Spirit.


2) Hold the pendulum in your predominant hand by the thumb and index finger.


3) Ask a question from guidance to which you know the answer. This is to determine the direction of your pendulum swing to a “Yes” response.


Example: We’re pretty sure the sun is going to rise tomorrow morning. Ask your guidance if the sun will rise again tomorrow. The direction of the pendulum swing indicates the “Yes” response to your question. It will consistently be your “Yes” response. A swing in the opposite direction is your “No” response. (A pendulum that swings from left to right is my “No” response. If it swings forward and back it is a “Yes” response. Yours may be the opposite of this. Don’t compare the direction of your swings with that of others.)


Solution to the Earthbound Spirit Attachment or Haunting Condition:


We should resist judging lost souls as bad, evil or anything less than equal human beings. They may be emotionally confused, lost, frightened, grieving, sad or angry but they are also simply human beings without bodies. Our focus should be on the fact that they need our help to move on to the spirit realm and most of them are harmless. They surely can frighten us if we approach them in fear but that is typically the worst harm we can come to. Please relate to them as fellow human beings who should be treated with loving respect (even if their behavior is disturbing). You will be well protected as you’ll learn in the procedure that follows.

End Excerpt:


Entity Removal - Self-Help Procedure

 The ABC of Releasing Spirit Attachments for Do It Yourselfers

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