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Rise’ (Reese) Harrington
 Spiritual Mentor & Medium

Soul Freedom Healing Services Offered:

Entity Attachment - Diagnostic Services & Removal +

 Haunting: House and/or Land Healing

Angel/Spirit Guide Readings 

Our goal is to shine the light on darkness in order to heal the

Earth, Humanity and the Astral Realms one soul at a time.


Mental disorders are frequently the symptom of earthbound spirit attachment. Persons that have died and declined to move over to the spirit realms become lost souls housed in the astral realms surrounding the earth. Many lost souls then will attach themselves to a traumatized live person's body. They then share the body, intellect, dreams, and emotions of the live person causing personality confusion and dysfunction. This is often diagnosed as Multiple Personalities Disorder. I assist people, including children and animals, to remove lost soul spirit attachments, possessions and haunting of homes.