Idahohl-Adameus Intro

Idahohl speaks for the Spiritual Hierarchy through Adameus.  Adameus is the Spirit name for our most popularly known beloved St. Germain. Adameus' first incarnation was as Joseph, Jesus' father. His second lifetime was as our magical and beloved Merlin, the world's favorite wizard. Now Adameus speaks for his higher self collective (monadic group) named Idahohl.

Adameus had four walk-in lifetimes following his two incarnations as Joseph and Merlin. The first was Christopher Columbus followed by Shakespeare, Francis Bacon and lastly as St. Germain. St. Germain was a human life that Adameus walked into when Count St. Germain was in his early 30s. This was a soul swap where the two souls agree that it is for the highest good of humanity for this swap out to take place at pivotal times in history.

The channeled material of St. Germain from around the world today is being issued from Adameus. Idahohl-Adameus surfaces at this time in support of  GuideLights efforts to promote Soul Freedom services and education through the books offered by Rise' Harrington & Bryan Jameison on

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Spiritual Self Mastery – Lessons on the Road to Self Mastery or Ascension