Merkabah & Spirit Lights

Merkabah – Ascension Vehicle Explained

Although I have first hand experience, I would like to make it clear that I am not an expert on the subject of Merkabah. Most of the information presented in my book can be confirmed on the internet or in Dr. Hurtak’s book discussed later in this chapter.  I will clarify the use of the word to lessen the likelihood of confusion:


The Merkabah, or Merkaba, is more commonly referred to as the 'Vehicle of Ascension' by spiritual organizations that teach meditation and light activation techniques with the desired outcome of ascension. Ascension is another word for enlightenment or raising of consciousness to higher planes of existence.  The Merkabah is the light energy body that transports consciousness to the higher realms.

In line with that explanation I believe our light bodies develop naturally as we grow spiritually, regardless of our chosen path. I do not actively participate in, or conduct, Merkabah life path teachings. In this chapter I refer to the term ‘Merkabah’ only to represent the presence of our Ascended Masters.


Souls that have incarnated on earth and have developed their Merkabah light bodies through the processes of enlightenment are the Ascended Masters. Examples of Ascended Masters are Jesus and Buddha who are two of the most highly evolved spirit guides that oversee our guidance teams and our progress. They travel to our dimension of consciousness in their light bodies to guide and inspire us in concert with our spirit guides and angels. While some people are sufficiently clairvoyant to see Ascended Mastersin full body, I have seen only the Merkabah light bodies. These are five-sided (pentagon-shaped) lavender or pink energy fields of light.

I frequently see Merkabah flashes of light. They usually come as signs of encouragement when I’m working in a high-vibrational mode. They seem to be saying, “Keep going, girl, you’re doing great!” They have been delightful life companions, providing spur-of-the-moment encouragement, upliftment and inspiration through the years of this books development.


Now that the message of Merkabah has been delivered in the release of the book I am seeing the energy fields of my guides as well as the Merkabah vehicles of the Ascended Masters. The energy fields of spirit guides are beautiful round spheres of varying shades of blue & red/purple. I have recently been given the gift of capturing these spheres in photographs as I walk in the hills behind my home. To have my guides sparkling and flashing lights wherever I go is so endearing and makes the magic of my life real in every day. What a lovely, magical universe we reside in!