Raise Your Vibrations !


Ascension Gate ~

I share the incredibly soft, adoring touch of my love’s presence in Spirit, fifteen thousand miles away, yet a breath away in soul’s light emanation. My soul mate, so far away physically, yet so close is his etheric radiance surrounding me.

My fingers touched the sides of my face to bring my physical reality into the interdimensional flow I was being drawn into. I was being lifted into higher, lighter spheres of being. In this glowing essence I sensed an invisible portal and peeled the sides gently apart opening into a space that emanated into softer, more loving radiance. I called to my love and his response was instant, “I am with you love.”

And we are catapulted cosmically, orgasmically into the grasp of God’s loving embrace within the celestial realms of radiant bliss. And we are, at least momentarily, at one with God.

“Let the light guide all of your days and nights.”

How to Raise Your Light Frequency (Vibrations)


All of the following methods provide an upliftment of the heart, mind and spirit, which in turn raises the light vibration of our physical bodies. These techniques have an immediate positive effect.

Establish a routine for spiritual sessions. Select a space in your home or other place of choice where you are comfortable and have privacy. Perform all of your spiritual practices on a regular basis in this spot to begin with, and make it your own sacred space. Setting up a special or sacred area is a good way to set the mood for spiritual sessions.

Cleaning and uncluttering our meditative space and home is also an important way to raise the vibrations of the environment and lighten the flow of energy around us.

Choose ideas from the following list to establish your special space. Feel free to add your own ideas or preferences.

- Create an altar of your most precious things; crystals, angels, figurines, herbs, incense. Anything that makes you feel close to God and the angels will greatly enhance your experience of upliftment and communion with Spirit.

- Light candles and incense.

- Burn white sage for the purification of energy surrounding your space.

- Listen to beautiful, soothing music.

- Create your own sacred ritual of readiness for meeting with spirit for meditation or prayer.

- Think loving thoughts or repeat love affirmations with feeling.

As we focus on loving thoughts while really feeling the meaning of the words, we are uplifted spiritually. When I initially became dedicated to spiritual practice I meditated daily for long periods of time. In meditation I often repeated these words from the Beatles song: "All you need is love - love, love, love..." over and over again. I focused on feeling love to lift myself higher and to sustain this level long enough to achieve communion with the higher realms. Do whatever it takes, even if you feel silly. You have no witness except the loving beings of guidance you are reaching for. Your angels and guides are cheering your every effort and sending waves of love to assist you.

- Read spiritual, religious or other uplifting books regularly. When you're down in the dumps, pick up your reading material for inspiration. Have a book of this sort in progress at all times or keep your favorite handy to reread when needed.

- Listen to spiritually oriented teachings or novels on CD while you get ready in the morning, as you drive to work, or as you wind down in the evening.

- Spend quality time communing with nature.

- Keep a tall glass of water nearby at all times as a conductor for Spirit. Water enables communications as it magnifies the intuitive impressions we receive from Spirit.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are key to raising our vibrations and aligning our physical and spiritual bodies as one. As we breathe in deeply while simultaneously slowing our thoughts, we are going within ourselves - deep within to the core self, the quiet simplicity of being. The simple exercise described here is widely used and highly recommended by Spirit. Follow these instructions only to the extent that you can do them comfortably. Do not strain yourself in any way.

Sit in an upright position in loose comfortable clothing.

Make a conscious effort to inflate your abdomen as you breathe in. This will maximize the benefit of each breath.

Breathe deeply in through your nose to an approximate count of four and hold the breath for a count of four. Exhale fully through the mouth until the abdomen is empty (approximate count of six to eight).

Repeat this breath three times:

Inhale deeply through nose (4 count).

Hold (4 count).

Exhale completely through mouth (6-8 count).

You should feel slightly exhilarated by this exercise and experience an inner calm. Use this breathing technique prior to meditation, channeling, using the pendulum, performing healing and all other spiritually focused exercises.

Visualization is our most powerful tool of creation when accompanied by emotion. If visualizing something is difficult for you, like color, imagine something like an object or scene very familiar to you. Try imagining a wedding band for the gold color and a rose as pink. For silver you might imagine the tinsel on a Christmas tree and for white a snowy landscape.

Each of the following visualization exercises will serve to raise your vibrations: (Caution: doing these exercises at night will cause sleeplessness)

- Visualize your aura expanding and becoming a brilliant pink, white or gold. Let yourself expand and become glorious, radiating your light in a broad circle around you. Sit quietly for some moments basking in your own aura of light.

- Visualize yourself taking a shower in white, silver or gold light rays pouring down from the heavens, washing over you. Feel the sweet, subtle rush of light penetrating every cell of your body, infusing you with light. Feel yourself becoming lightened. Bask in this light often; let yourself revel in the delightful radiance. (I highly recommend this method for immediate upliftment and rejuvenation.)

- Fill your work place with the light of your choice to set a lighter tone. If you're having some difficulty at work, pink light will help to create a love vibration in the environment. Visualize pink light filling your workplace prior to going to work. The angels will be happy to help you with this also; just ask for their assistance. This not only helps you but also benefits everyone in your workplace.

You can also project light to a future event that you plan to attend, or to any place you feel needs to be uplifted by light. I use this technique when venturing into a place I haven't visited before or a place I feel nervous about going to. The light then becomes the prevailing presence. When I arrive in an environment that I've treated with light beforehand, I feel comfortable as soon as I get there. Light is the substance of God's love; when used with high intent, it works wonders to create harmony and the highest outcome for every occasion.

Don't be concerned if you have difficulty visualizing colors or other images. When I began learning visualization techniques I was unable to see the image I was trying to create. Instead I pretended I could see the image. With practice this pretend imaging began to produce results. I began to see the image through my feeling senses and inner vision. Through feeling/sensing/seeing the color, I experience it fully in the way that is natural to me. My means of doing this may be very different from others'. God has created each of us uniquely. Concentrate on the way that comes naturally to you instead of trying to match someone else's intuitive abilities. In the event you can't visualize, simply pretend. It works!

Does it seem like we're just psyching ourselves out when we practice these kinds of ritualistic exercises? That is exactly what we're doing! The practice of imagining with feeling creates a new reality of experience for us by convincing our subconscious minds that what we imagine is real. I believe this is how God created the world; through enormous loving emotion imagining the universe and humanity into being. Creating us in his/her image, giving each of us the same qualities of imagination and emotion to co-create our lives with love, peace, joy, and abundance.

Excerpt taken from Guide Lights - Attune to Your Angels And Spirit Guides - Begin To Heal Your Life And Move Towards Your Soul Purpose by Rise’ Harrington. Avail on Amazon.com:




Igniting The Light Body - Ascension Tool

This is the most powerful version of igniting the light body that I’ve ever run across. I wanted to share this with my friends, so many of who are focused on Ascension and are using tools & techniques to accelerate spiritual growth. Envisioned light illuminates us which naturally opens us to new gems of wisdom from cosmic consciousness and lifts us ever higher in our evolutionary process.

Excerpt from ‘The Unquiet Dead’ by Edith Fiore

“Using your creative imagination, imagine that you have a miniature sun, just like the sun of our solar system, deep in your solar plexus. The sun is radiating through every atom and cell of your being. If fills you with light to the tips of your fingers, the top of your head and the soles of your feet. It shines through you and beyond you an arm’s length in every direction… creating an aura – a brilliant, dazzling, radiant White Light that completely surrounds you.."

Edith gave her readers this technique for use as protection. I recommend we use it also to create an immediate uplifting of our vibrations, emotional state and physical well being.