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Rise’ (Reese) Harrington
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Haunting of House or Land - Demon Haunting Counsel


Mental disorders are frequently the symptom of earthbound spirit attachment. Persons that have died and declined to move over to the spirit realms become lost souls housed in the astral realms surrounding the earth. Many lost souls then will attach themselves to a traumatized live person's body. They then share the body, intellect, dreams, and emotions of the live person causing personality confusion and dysfunction. This is often diagnosed as Multiple Personalities Disorder. I assist people, including children and animals, to remove lost soul spirit attachments, possessions and haunting of homes.
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Diagnostic Reading Service $40.0

We always begin with a Diagnosis so that we have an accurate reading from the Angels of what is irregular within your soul.

It is very helpful to know the symptoms you are experiencing. Symptoms help us to determine whether you are experiencing an Implant, Haunting, Entity Attachment or Demonic Possession so we can recommend proper treatment. You can simply submit your own symptoms without having to answer all the questions below. It is only given as an example for people to consider. We do not need a life history unless you feel the need to present it in summary fashion.

Are you seeing shapes of darkness around you night or day? Do you feel darkness or negativity overcoming your body? Are you experiencing dreams or memories that you know are not your own? Are you being touched, hurt or assaulted in any way? Are you being violated sexually? Are you finding furniture or objects being moved or thrown about inside your home? Knocking on the walls? Voices inside or outside of your head? Are any of your limbs being forcefully moved in any way against your will? Are you seeing hallucinations that others cannot see? Experiencing extreme sensitivity to sound (Misophonia) accompanied by an inability to sleep?


Entity Attachment Removal - Self-Help Procedure - The ABC of Releasing Spirit Attachments for Do It YourselfersSoul Freedom Series Vol 3

Book Link: 

Kindle: Also available in Paperback

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Demon Exorcism If you suspect that you are experiencing a demon or demons please read our book to educate yourself on self help solutions. If you still need help or guidance we will be able to do a diagnostic and offer counsel.


Repelling Demons

The Loving Way to Heal Ourselves and Our World

-      Soul Freedom Vol 2


** Mentoring includes 2 30 minute or one hour Zoom meeting per week. 



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** All Treatments are conducted Remotely


Diagnostic Reading                                                  $40


Angel/Spirit Guide Reading                                      $35 


Black Magic Curse                  Transmutation         $50 Zaps With Christ Light


Implant Removal                     Transmutation         $50 Zaps With Christ Light


Entity BIRTH Attachment       Remote Removal      $25


Entity Trauma Attachment    Remote Removal       $50


Dark Land Portals       Transmutation         TBD            Zaps with Christ Light


Regression Session     1+ hour Zoom                      $120 Time Aprx


Residential Haunting              Remote Removal      $50


Mentoring Ongoing:     (2) 30 min or (1) Hour         $125


Attachment removal service always includes crossing over Lost Soul Entities.


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