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Mental disorders are frequently the symptom of earthbound spirit attachment. Persons that have died and declined to move over to the spirit realms become lost souls housed in the astral realms surrounding the earth. Many lost souls then will attach themselves to a traumatized live person's body. They then share the body, intellect, dreams, and emotions of the live person causing personality confusion and dysfunction. This is often diagnosed as Multiple Personalities Disorder. I assist people, including children and animals, to remove lost soul spirit attachments, possessions and haunting of homes.
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Diagnostic Reading Service $30.00

Questionnaire:  We need to determine whether you are experiencing a Haunting, Entity Attachment or Demonic Attachment/Possession so we can determine proper treatment.

It is very helpful to know the symptoms you are experiencing. Are you seeing shapes of darkness around you night or day? Do you feel darkness or negativity overcoming your body? Are you experiencing dreams or memories that you know are not your own? Unusual sights, sounds, smells, feelings, sensations, dreams. Are you being touched, hurt or assaulted in any way? Are you being violated sexually? Are you finding furniture or objects being moved or thrown about inside your home? Knocking on the walls? Voices inside or outside of your head? Are any of your limbs being forcefully moved in any way against your will?

This is a DIAGNOSIS AND RECOMMENDED TREATMENT (not a healing treatment). Our ultimate goal is to empower others to help themselves whenever possible.

Healing From Earthbound Spirit Attachment and Haunting - Causes, Symptoms and Solution - Self-Help Procedural Manual Amazon Book Link:  This link is for America

Demon Exorcism - Due to the severe trauma and PTSD of clients caused by Demon encroachments we are not qualified to provide effective exorcism treatment. Recommendation: There are Psychotherapists and Psychologists that do Spirit Releasement Therapy (SRT). These are professionals that have learned to release lost soul entity attachments from humans and provide the follow-up counseling needed to cure Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some of these have experienced very dark and demonic entities and would be more likely to be effective counsel to you than any other type of healer. I would recommend you spend time on your telephone or web search to find one of these SRT therapists in your area to serve your healing needs.  Alternative healers and Shamans are not qualified therapists for Demon impacted mental, physical and emotional trauma.  * Very few exceptions are made to this rule at the direction of my own Angel Guidance. Inquiries:

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Diagnostic Reading                                                    $30


Angel/Spirit Guide Reading                                        $30 


Implant Removal                                                     $50


Entity BIRTH Attachment        Remote Removal      $25


Entity Trauma Attachment     Remote Removal       $80


Attachment removal service includes crossing over Soul Entities to the Spirit Realms

Financial hardship? Write to Rise' for consideration.