Spirit Attachment, Possession & Hauntings - Testimonials
Wow thank you so much that’s incredible - the best way to sleep.  It sounds like I could even move little by little and the distastefulness just scatters.  Reading this helps me relax a bit, a treatment in itself - knowing that my lungs can open more so I can breathe.  I will let you know if there’s any strange flashes on my mind but for the moment, it’s one second at a time.  I appreciate and I am very grateful for this.  .

Thanks Sincerely,

Thank you with all my heart for your integrity and courage to speak the truth and possibly to save my life.

Mary – Australia 2016

Following Demon Removal:
I want to let you know that Juan had a notable change in his personality, attitude, more laughter and just an overall happier mood after you removed the dark attachment. I noticed before you removed the attachment that Juan had one eye (his left) that appeared solid black rather than his normal brown color. His left eye returned to it's former brown color after the detachment!  
So. California 2014

Thank you so much, Rise. I have been in such turmoil for so long, I had given up hope for freedom of life until you entered it.


Thank you :) 


California 2013

… most of all filled with much love and gratitude to you for setting my family free. I'm so very proud of you and thankful to have you in my life... I just pray I can save and heal others as you do. 


Cameron Park,

California 2013

Hello Rise, 
Thanks again for the very helpful information and tips. It really has worked. I believe there were several dark souls that may have been attached to me, with evil entities as well. but I used your technique and tips and it has made a huge differences. i feel soooooo much better as a person. I really feel different. the session i had the other day made a huge differences in my life, so i will continue to used the techniques that you gave me. 

but thanks again, for all the help, it was soooo kind of you to send me the helpful information.

God Bless You My Dear Friend, 
Tyra 01/01/2015

Following Demon Removal:

"... I woke up feeling rested for the first time in years!"




Following Implant Removal: "So I just want to thank you for what you have brought to light within my reality and even though my Angels "did the work" for you, you still had a profound and valuable impact on my life and, in turn, on many many others as well. So thank you, thank you, thank you. May you be oh so blessed on your journey!"��
Dylan J   2021
My Dear Rise’,
 I can’t thank you enough. You have always been there for me. I love you dear lady. I am so grateful to you and ALL that you’ve done for me. BTW, I am so happy to hear that your business has taken off. It doesn’t surprise me as you really are an amazing lady and a true medium! “A selfless woman” Helping so many people as you have helped me! You taught me so much and now it’s time to help myself. I’m the one who needs to do the work for myself. Maya is just amazing and I’m so grateful she is going to guide me. I’m finally ready to help myself! Thank you Rise’
Harrington, a beautiful lady inside and out��

Susan   2021

I thank you Rise for giving me all that you have given so selflessly. You are love, you are light! Thank you for showing me how to really start to live. To enjoy my life path, my souls journey. Journey with a purpose by a divine plan for me that starts with forgiveness and love.

Peace and love to you all

Susan L 2019

Respected Mother,

Words cannot express the gift of healing you have given to me to release me and to make my shift and help me do my inner work, to help transform my heart, to help transform my life.

I am deep grateful and will continue to be deeply grateful to you for all the love, guidance, healing, blessings received from you. You are a true Bodhisattva of this Earth !!!!

'H' – India


Thank you, Rise. The connection with the lost souls was engrained in my nervous system, having a lot of control over my body movements. My body is learning how to take charge of itself again.  Tonight is first time in a long time that I feel alone in my body.  I am forever grateful to you and Dorgeck. Thank you!

Mira A. New York 2016

H Rise'

Thank you for your continued help. I indeed crossed him over with the help of the Angels and his Ancestors as well as mine. There was great joy in him as his Ancestors greeted him.  Your book Entity Removal - Self-Help Procedure - The ABC of Releasing Spirit Attachments for Do It Yourselfers was of great help.  In any event, it has made me less afraid of my gifts and more willing to use them for the good of mankind. Thank you for your help and I trust that we will be in touch in the future.  God Bless You.

Carey Jo USA 2016

Following Demon Removal:

November 4, 2013

Dear Rise',

Rebirth is precisely the word to describe Michael. 
Mike had been diagnosed with high functioning Asperger's by the age of 7.  Until that time, we had no idea what was causing his emotional disturbances.  Although he was a sweet child with an incredible sense of adult-like humor, he exhibited signs of extreme OCD / anxiety and had difficulty making and keeping friends.   Mealtime was especially frustrating as Mike could not eat with our family or join the kids at school.  He would sit at the far end of a dining  table, away from breathing, coughing, talking....food untouched.

As Mike matured (13-14), he was better able to control his tantrums, but still had difficulty making and keeping friends.  He began joining us at the dinner table and was no longer obsessed with germs, however, other symptoms began to appear.  He would complain of headaches and sharp pains in his head.  He had ongoing joint pain (all over his body, but primarily his lower back) and often displayed symptoms of appendicitis. 

For 18 months, Mike was back and forth to the doctor.  Extensive blood tests, CAT scans and an MRI ruled out all of the scary medical possibilities.   At our last doctor visit, the doctor suggested that Mike might be exaggerating his pain, which made me feel both angry and hopeless.  I could see the dark circles under his eyes and was watching him waste away.  It became quite clear that whatever was wrong was not going to be "fixed" by a medical doctor.

One day, Mike produced a pencil drawing of the pain he was experiencing.  It was a profile picture of himself with a demon-like creature attached to his back.  The spiked tail of this creature was sticking into his lower back.  About two weeks later, you fixed him.  ;-) *See Mike's drawing at the end of this article.

At first, we did not tell Mike about you, but his transformation was still astounding.  Within a week, he said he had practically no pain at all.  He was sleeping better, his ravenous appetite returned and so did his smile.  Over the coming weeks the changes were incredible!!  He began daily to express true heartfelt JOY!  Smiling, singing, playing his guitar... almost immediately, his peers began to join him at lunchtime and ask him to "hang out".  Within just a few weeks, he was invited to his first ever party and the friends keep on coming!

 He is almost a different person; I know it's Mike, but it's not?  Most signs of his Asperger's are completely gone.  And while we are all enjoying Michael more than ever, it's not without a little bit of sadness on my part.  I was mother to an angry,  pained, suicidal, needy child that is no longer with us.   I know he's in a better place and I will always love him.

Mike says that he feels like completely different person (so much so, that he might like to change his name)!  He explained that for most of his life, he was looking out of someone else's eyes and feeling emotionally numb.

Our appreciation of you is never-ending.  We will always be grateful to you for embracing your gift and sharing it with us.  I believe that you literally saved my child's life!  We have shared our story with many of our friends and family members and directed folks to your website and your book. 
We thank God everyday for you, your gifts and your clarity!


St Louis, Mo 2013


Hi, Rise! It's Michael.
I wanted to send this email to you personally because I wanted to say thank you for all the help you've done for me, my mother, my family, and for the advice you gave my teachers (They thank you personally). I feel more myself than I ever have in my 15 years of breathing, feeling, learning, and experiencing life. I have begun to understand my emotions more, people more, and that I cannot be a perfect person, but I can only be a good person with positive intentions. I've learned I am a human with a big role and I thank you for helping me realize that. I will treat life and people preciously with everything I've learned and put it towards changing the lives of everybody for the good everyone.
I wish the best for you and once again, thank you.
    ~Michael S~
St Louis, Mo 2014